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The Making: Linea Earring Set

The Making: Linea Earring Set

The Making of Linea Ear Cuff & Mini Hoops

In 2015, LACE launched the Amor and Amos rings for the ring collection. Since then, the two signature styles have been our most popular rings which are minimalist chic and timeless. Inspired by the versatile pairing look of the Amor and Amos rings, the design of Linea Ear Cuffs features two twisting bands that flow in parallel with one another. Its companion earrings, the Linea Mini Hoops, can be worn by itself as your go-to, everyday earring. When paired with the ear cuffs, the mini hoops complete this modern effortless look.

"The delicate scale of this Linea earring set invokes a quiet beauty."
- Jenny Wu, founder of LACE

Brainstorming: Every design begins with a sketch

From our End of the Year 2021 Design Survey, we received lots of feedback hoping to see a new dainty earring design for an effortless chic look. Extending from the popularity of Amor and Amos in their “timeless classic with a little twist,” we wanted to design the movement of twisting lines that tacitly fold around an ear for our new addition to the LACE earring collection.  


Early Stages: From 2D to 3D

Once the design direction is set, we start 3D modeling the twisting lines to find the right proportions of thickness and hoop size to an ear helix. Right from the beginning, the Linea ear cuff was imagined with two unidentical sinuous lines that one affects the other to accent the movement around the ears. During the 3D modeling stage, we meticulously adjusted the angles and each facet of the twisting geometry as to gently fold and flow along the shape of an ear without overstating.

After visualizing the Linea ear cuff in 3D modeling space, we decided to design pairing hoop earrings that can complete the look as a set or be wear separately.

Prototyping: From Digital to Physical Space

To finalize the Linea earring set's presentation on ears, we went through a rigorous prototyping process on our Prusa 3D printer in house. Through the iterations of 3D prints, we were able to evaluate where twisting details would present the best and physically try the pieces on our ears for comparison.

Working back and forth between the digital model and the 3D prints, this prototyping process enables us to carry our design concept to product manufacturing efficiently and precisely.

Material Studies: 3D Printing Casting Technology

After the prototyping process, the Linea earring set was ready to be professionally 3D printed in wax, molded and cast in precious metal for maximum definition.

After the Linea earrings were cast, each piece would be cleaned and polished by our skillful jewelers locally to highlight its refinement and showcase the sinuous details.

The Linea earring set in silver is great for everyday wear with a little extra sparkle on ears. Pair up the Linea ear cuff and mini hoops with our popular Amor and Amos rings to complete a minimalist chic look.


The Linea Earring Set is available for preorder now.

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