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What is LACE?

Not your mom's jewelry brand

Meet LACE, the leading jewelry brand founded by Architect, Jenny Wu. Our entire collection is 3D printed and finished with meticulous hand craftsmanship. Each design is unique and timeless. This is luxury reinvented.

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“Jenny translates the complex line-based geometries of Oyler Wu’s architectural projects into jewelry and brings a high level of technical skill to the crowded 3D-printing field"

Bobbye Tigerman Curator at LACMA

"As beautiful as it is innovative--I fell in love with Jenny's work from the moment I saw it. And then when I learned that it was 3D printed and inspired by her architectural background, I was awed. I wear my ring everyday with pride because it is a true work of art."

Fara Howard CMO,

Logo list

"Jenny Wu sculpts stylish pieces that bridge the gap between high-tech and high fashion."

"Meet The Woman Bringing The 3D Printed Jewelry Trend To Hollywood."

Created with 3D printers and unlikely jewelry materials like nylon and steel, Wu’s pieces look more like futuristic art than jewelry.

"Style, In Another Dimension."

"The intricate jewelry is an extension of Wu's architectural style, relying on complex, interlocking elements to create bold statement pieces."


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