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The Making: Calyx Solitaire Ring

June 26, 2024

The Making of Calyx

LACE introduces The Calyx, the newest addition
to our bespoke Wedding Collection! The ring is centered around an oval-shape gemstone resting upon two intricately intertwined lines. Taking inspiration from a
calyx that encloses and forms a protective layer around a flower in bud.

Get behind the scenes insight on the making of Calyx ring

Brainstorming: Every design begins with a sketch

The Lini earrings have been one of our most popular dainty earrings, and we have always wanted to develop this minimal linear language into a collection. We wanted to take this "sculpted line" design concept, allowing it to wrap around an finger, and engage a gemstone resting upon it.

Early Stages: From 2D to 3D

From early design stages, Calyx was imagined to pair with an oval shape gemstone, as we noticed that there were more and more customers inquiring about an oval shape solitaire engagement rings. This is a distinct difference from Rhea & Clio, which are initially designed to suit for a round shape center stone.

Through the 3D modeling stage, we carefully modeled the curvature and angle of the intertwined lines as to reach a perfect balance between the solitaire gemstone and the ring setting.

On the back of the ring, we meticulously designed an spiraling opening for setting the gemstone. This allows light passing through the setting and enhances the sparkling quality of the center gemstone.

Prototyping: From Digital to Physical Space

Seeing the design for the first time from digital to physical space is one of our favorite design process. The rings were prototyped with our Fuse 1 SLS 3D printer in house at every iteration. This process helps us to visualize the right proportion and tune the details while we feel the prototypes on our fingers.

Material Studies: Metal Binder Jetting and 3D Printing Casting Technology

After we completed adjusting the digital design, we begin to produce ring samples in different materials: stainless steel/bronze and silver. This step helps us to examine whether the new design is feasible to be produced with different kinds of 3D printing technologies and their post- processing methods.

Take our silver collection as an example. At this stage, the design was printed by 3D wax printers to create a cast mold with maximum definition. After the ring was cast in solid silver, we took a closer look at the ring again to make sure all surface details were successfully cast with adequate mass for polishing. As the piece was polishing by our skillful jeweler, we needed to make sure that all intricate details can be polished thoroughly by hand and are in good shape after polishing. This is where our design comes true!

Integrated Diamond Selecting Feature

As we launch this new engagement ring design, we collaborated with Unbridaled AI to implement a new diamond sourcing feature on our website. Now customers can search for their ideal oval shape diamond directly from their inventory and order their custom made engagement rings with a simple click!

Calyx Diamond Ring

Calyx Gemstone Ring

The Calyx Solitaire Ring is available online now.

Make your custom order today and be among the first to acquire this stunning solitaire ring!

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