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Father's Day Gifts

Father's Day is June 21st this year. Still don't know what to get dad?

Surprise him with 3D printed jewelry!

Shop our Men's Collection for special timeless pieces that are sure to put a smile on his face.

Machina L Necklace

Our Machina L Stainless Steel necklace can be strung with one or two of our signature rings; Amor, Amos, Amare, and/or Sera. Whether you choose to wear your wedding rings, partnership rings, or a single ring, you can customize your necklace to hold pieces that are special to you.  


Machina X

Machina X features a mechanic industrialized approach to men's rings. Machina X has a twist which is accentuated with a vertical screw and bolt.


Machina Q

Similar to Machina X, Machina Q features a mechanic hardware aesthetic. The ring's look is completed with a horizontal screw and bolt.

Amor Bold

Amor is our most clean-line, timeless ring. The ring features a single twisting band. Our Amor ring is a companion ring to the Amos Ring.

Amos Bold

Amos Bold is a simple minimalist ring that has a double twist. Amor and Amos are companion rings that stack perfectly on top of one another. They can be worn as a single unit or separately.


Lineworks Bandana

The Lineworks Bandana features one of the many signature hand drawings by Dwayne Oyler, architect and partner at Oyler Wu Collaborative.  



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