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The Making: Iris &  Agnes - LACE by JennyWu

The Making: Iris & Agnes

The Making of Iris Diamond Ring & Agnes Wedding Band

In 2018, LACE launched their first 3D printed Wedding Capsule Collection which included three engagement rings and their matching wedding bands. Since the launch, our Wedding Collection has quickly become the most popular collection in the LACE brand. After months of brainstorming, designing and prototyping, we are excited to finally introduce the Iris Diamond Ring along with the Agnes Wedding Band! Our newest additions to the Wedding Collection feature an engagement ring centered around a half carat diamond and a minimalist wedding band that completes the overall look.

"Iris & Agnes fit together like yin and yang. We wanted the engagement ring and wedding band to feel like one cohesive piece that is puzzled together."
- Jenny Wu, founder of LACE

Brainstorming: Every design begins with a sketch

You may have read our edition of "The Making: Velum" in which we launched our first drapery inspired ring. Ever since the launch of Velum, we have been so intrigued by the soft pleats and folds that are only possible through very intricate 3D modeling and 3D printing. Extending from the popularity of Velum, we wanted to take this drapery inspired design concept and allow it to engage a diamond center stone. The smooth pleats are precisely modeled to frame and beautifully cradle the 0.50 carat diamond while maintaining its delicate nature.

The folds on Iris are meant to lightly drape along the diamond. Many of our customers prefer a more subtle and low profile ring. We were able to set the diamond lower into ring so that the diamond feels more integrated into the ring.

For this set, we wanted the engagement ring and wedding band to feel like one cohesive piece that is puzzled together. The Agnes Wedding Band is designed to follow the contour of Iris, and further enhance the elegant and delicateness of Iris. We were intrigued by the idea of a discrete engagement ring that is delicate yet luxurious. The addition of Iris & Agnes into the Wedding Collection brings a unique approach to engagement rings by maintaining its simplicity while not compromising design.

Early Stages: From 2D to 3D

Right from the beginning, Iris was imagined with a smaller half carat stone. This allows the design to have an equal importance with the diamond. This is a distinct difference from Rhea & Clio, which are more suited for diamonds in the 1-2 carat range. Because the details are so intricate, the proportions had to be just right. Through the 3D modeling stage, our team carefully designed and modeled each pleat around the stone as to not overpower it but adorn it.

Prototyping: From Digital to Physical Space

Seeing the design for the first time from digital to physical space is one of our favorite part of the process. The rings are prototyped in our office resin 3D printer at every iteration. This helps us visualize the final outcome while also seeing the scale at which the details need to be. After many months of prototyping and refining the 3D model, our team is able to determine which areas need adjustments and go in to adjust each detail.

Material Studies: 3D Printing Casting Technology

With the digital design complete and the prototypes looking promising, the rings are ready to be 3D printed professionally with 3D wax printers for maximum definition. The design is printed and cast using the lost wax casting technique. While the lost wax cast technique has been around for a long time, it was difficult to achieve fine precision until the advent of 3D printed wax models . A mold is made from the 3D printed wax model, then our caster melts the precious metals into liquid form and pours it into the mold to produce the ring.


Material Studies: A Professionals Touch

After the rings are cast, they go to the hands of our skillful jewelers, located here in DTLA, they carefully clean and polish each piece. With years of experience, our jewelers are able to capture the beautiful pleats featured in Iris and the clean edges in Agnes. Our stone setters also meticulously arrange the diamond in place and carefully secure the stone. The intricate work necessary in finishing these rings is what sets our pieces apart from other brands. So much time and effort go into polishing each crease and fold, so that the final piece is perfect. Our jewelers help bring the design to life making our ring a timeless statement!

Iris & Agnes is available for preorder now.

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