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The Making: Velum - LACE by JennyWu

The Making: Velum

The Making of Velum Ring

After many months of designing and prototyping, we are finally launching the Collector's Edition Velum Ring on July 28th. Only 35 rings will be produced for the Collector's Edition. These rings will be numbered and will come with a Certificate of Authenticity. Curious about how a design becomes an end product? Check out our process below as we give you a behind the scenes insight on the making of Velum & Cortina.

The newest design is inspired by the elegance of drapery. Our founder, Jenny, has been fascinated by the idea of recreating the undulating effect of fabric in a solid material, both in her architecture work and now in jewelry. 

"Velum takes on a new design direction that we haven't explored at LACE; one that plays with our typical perception of softness and materiality."
- Jenny Wu

Brainstorming: Every design begins with a sketch

The design of Velum began by simulating the undulation of a drapery, gently blowing in the wind, while wrapping around the finger to create the ring. The smooth pleats adorn and detail the front of the ring while the back remains semi-open. The design plays with the contrast between smooth, curvilinear lines and defined edges.

Early Stages: From 2D to 3D

Once a design direction is set, our team gets to work on 3D modeling the rings in the computer and studying the design through numerous iterations. These two final designs stood out. The first being an asymmetrical ring where the drapery on the right side merges with the bottom ring. The second design, Cortina, features a near symmetrical look, simulating two open rings merging into one through a series of center folds.

Prototyping: From Digital to Physical Space

For the final few iterations, the design goes through a rigorous prototyping process on a resin 3D printer. Through the resin prints, we were able to evaluate the details of the finished pieces while making sure that they translated well from the digital model into the finished product. Adjustments are made slowly and constantly. Working back and forth between the digital model and the 3D prints, our team uses this process to finalize the design.

Material Studies: 3D Printing Technology

Once the designs are completed and the final adjustments are made the rings are tested in other 3D printing materials. We often 3D print in Stainless Steel/ Bronze and Gray Steel. Each material will have different thickness requirements and parameters. It is important to prototype all of the different materials. The color difference changes the overall tone and mood of the design even with the same subtle pleats and drapery details. The strong steel material along with the delicate details make the ring versatile for men and women.


Material Studies: 3D Printing Casting Technology

The final step is to prototype in the precious metals. Due to the cost, we leave this step to the end when the design is close to being done. In order to achieve the precise edges and clean pleats definition, Velum is first 3D printed in wax that is made into a mold. It is then casted in Silver allowing every detail and edge to translate and shine. Our skilled jeweler carefully cleans and polishes every surface to highlight its refinement and showcase the design. Velum in silver is great for everyday wear, the unique design draws attention at every angle.

Limited Collectors Edition Velum Pre-Sale begins July 28th

With only 35 rings in this collection, it will be sure to sell out! This edition will be the only edition that will be numbered and include a Certificate of Authenticity. The general launch of this design in the Fall will not be numbered, so don't miss out on your Collector's Edition Velum ring!

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