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Styling your Lineworks Bandana

Lineworks Bandana

Launched in June and sold out in less than 24 hours, the Lineworks Bandana quickly became a best-selling item from our Machina Collection. The bandana proves to be a versatile accessory. Whether it is used as a face covering or as a wrist wrap, the Lineworks Bandana features one of Dwayne Oyler's, a partner at Oyler Wu Collaborative, hand drawings and makes it a multifaceted statement piece. Here are a few of our favorite ways to style and wear the Lineworks Bandana.

As a face cover

Made from 100% cotton, the Lineworks Bandana is flexible and lightweight which makes it breathable and easy to wear as a face covering.

As a wrist band

You can also accessorize with the Lineworks Bandana by wrapping it around your wrist along with other accessories like a watch or a cuff. The bandana here is paired with the Allegro Cuff in Stainless Steel/Bronze.

Around the neck

The Lineworks Bandana can be worn loosely around the neck as a neck gaiter, by placing the bandana's corner towards the front. This effortless look can work as part of a casual look or even with a sports coat.

As a neck tie

By rolling the bandana into a smaller band, you can wrap it around the neck and tie a knot at the end while leaving the ends loose.


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