The Making

The Lace Process

The design of every LACE piece starts with a sketch.  Each design is meticulously digitally crafted from its edge detailing to its intricate, interlocking assembly.  We create modern, beautiful pieces that people actually want to wear-not just what is cool at the moment or what the technology can do.  We think about jewelry as “architecture on the body,” and we carefully consider the relationship of each piece to our body and to each other.  Most of our rings nest and stack in an unconventional way, and each one of our necklaces has an unique way of dressing our neckline.

Our pieces go through extensive prototyping process to check its wearability and durability.  Over the past 3 years, we have worked hard to collaborate with various 3D printing companies around the world to incorporate the latest 3-D printing technology and material in realizing our designs.  As 3D printing technology continue to grow and develop, we will be at the forefront of creating ready-to-wear pieces at reasonable prices.  

Currently, we produce our pieces in three different 3D printing technologies:  Selective Laser Sintering for our nylon pieces, Binder jetting technology for our steel pieces, and Wax pattern 3D printing for our precious metal pieces.

The making of: the catena necklace

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