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Learn about the four C’s to help you maximize the value of your diamond.

CUT determines how well the diamond reflects and refracts light. The proportion and symmetry of a diamond is achieved by the diamond cutter and is directly related to the diamond's overall beauty.

Range: Good, Very Good, Ideal, Super Ideal (best)

COLOR refers to the natural color of a diamond. Colorless diamonds allows more light to pass through it, releasing more brilliance. The less color a diamond exhibits, the higher its value.

Range: I - H - G - F - E - D (colorless)

CLARITY determines how clean, or clear the diamond is from microscopic foreign material included within it. A VVS1 diamond is of higher quality, with very slight traces of these inclusions. A SI2 diamond is also an excellent quality diamond, which looks "clean" to the naked eye.

Range: SI2, SI1, VS2, VS1, VVS2, VVS1

CARAT is the visual size of a diamond. Once cut, color and clarity have been established, the carat weight of your diamond can be determined to fit within any budget.

Carats weight starts at 0.5 ct +

LAB GROWN DIAMONDS - exceptional in quality, affordable in price and conflict free, lab grown diamonds are the only stones LACE uses to maintain its commitment to being an ethical practice.


LACE is committed to maintaining an ethical practice, from the sourcing of conflict free diamonds, to our recycled precious metals, as well as supporting local jewelry craftsmen in Downtown Los Angeles. Each LACE ring is handled with the highest standard of ethics and care in mind. This is done by purchasing and manufacturing only using reliable trusted sources.